Polish Picks for Spring 2018

Spring is finally upon us! This winter seemed to go on for an eternity and I am so glad it seems to finally be over; after that last ice storm a couple of weeks ago I don’t know how much more I can take!

Spring is one of my favourite times of year when it comes to polish. I love breaking out the brighter colours after wearing dark colours all winter long.

Today I have five Mainstream and five Indie polishes to share with you.

Disclaimer – I was nursing an eczema breakout while I was swatching these polishes, so if my skin seems dry that is why!

Color Club – Date with Destiny


Spring is amazing for bringing out the sparkle in holographic nail polishes. The beautiful spring sunshine is sure to have strangers asking what is on your fingers when you’re blinding them with the holo. This polish is no exception. I don’t have all the Halo Hues, but the ones that I have are some of the most eye searingly holographic polishes in my collection. Date with Destiny has a slight purple flash to it. It’s that purple flash that adds more dimension to this gorgeous polish. The other thing I love about the Halo Hues polishes is the formula. Some of them are one coat wonders, this one was fully opaque in two coats.

Salon Perfect – Coming in Hot


Last year for the Fourth of July, Salon Perfect released a silver holographic polish which was absolute perfect for a drugstore brand. This year they have added to their holographic line with Coming in Hot. This polish is a very pale baby blue holographic and it has the same beautiful formula as Holo-day Weekend. I hope that Salon Perfect continues to add to their holographic line, and that other mainstream brands such as OPI and China Glaze take note. If Salon Perfect can do it, they can too! This beauty was fully opaque in two coats.

Sally Hansen – Mint Sorbet


I have the original formulation of this polish; so I do not know how the newer version of this polish behaves, but the version I have applies like a dream. If it wasn’t for the darn ridges in my nails, it would be a one coat wonder for sure. Green polishes aren’t usually my thing, but there is something about this pale minty green that just calls me!

Sinful Colors – Holla At Ya Buoy


This is not a traditional spring pastel, but I just love this colour for spring. It’s bright, it’s bold and it screams LISA! This is one of my favourite shades of blue and when I saw this polish I knew I had to include it in my picks for spring. The formula on this polish was beautiful and I was able to get it opaque in two very easy coats.

H&M – Sky High

Sky High - Clare

I unfortunately lost my swatch picture of Sky High, so I have borrowed a picture from my dear friend Clare Gray (If you aren’t subscribed to her YouTube Channel or Instagram you’re missing out). This is a beautiful pale blue that I fell in love with last year after I finally managed to get my hands on some H&M polishes. H&M is an extremely underrated nail polish brand; I have yet to be disappointed in any of their formulas. This polish is no exception; I was able to get this polish opaque in two coats.

KB Shimmer – Got it Sandaled



KB Shimmer was one of the first Indie brands that I fell in love with, and to this day they own the most real estate in my (ever growing) Indie collection. This polish was released in their spring collection for 2017, and it is absolutely gorgeous for spring. There is a beautiful pink shimmer in this polish that I unfortunately had a hard time capturing while taking my swatch pictures. The shimmer in this polish makes it so much more special and I really wish I was able to do it justice! Two coats was all it took for this polish to be opaque.

A England – Catherine Howard


Another of my first loves in the Indie world was A England, and when I found out they were releasing a collection based around the Tudors I was extremely excited. I am a little bit of a history buff, and the Tudor era is one of my favourite periods of British history. Catherine Howard is not my favourite of Henry’s six wives (my favourite was Anne Boleyn), but out of this collection I was immediately drawn to this beautiful green. A England have also recently changed their brushes and I have to say, I am in love. They are wide and rounded at the tip, the brush fits perfectly into my cuticle area. The other thing I love about A England is their formulas, and this polish was no exception. This polish is a one coat wonder.

Sista Chic Lacquer – From the Ashes, I Rise


Disclaimer – This polish was sent to me for review

This polish is my perfect nude holographic. When I first put this polish on I was blown away by how perfect this polish fit my skin tone. From the Ashes, I Rise is from the debut collection from Sista Chic Lacquer and I have to say I am extremely impressed with the debut collection. This polish had a beautiful creamy formula and was fully opaque in two coats. If you’re looking for a new Indie brand to try, Sista Chic Lacquer shows lots of promise. I look forward to seeing what this brand brings to the Indie community.

Tonic – Novitiate


I was first introduced to Tonic Nail Polish by Clare last year and I purchased a ton of her polishes from Indie Expo. Tonic has become my favourite Indie brand and I follow their releases like a hawk. There is just something about Tonic, Lindsey is so talented at making complex, beautiful, unique polishes. I love that every single polish has so many different faces. Novitiate was released in the Secrets and Soulmates collection last year, and has a beautiful purple shimmer running through it that adds to it complexity. The formula is as I have come to expect from Tonic; it was two coats of creamy perfection.

Vapid – Dragon Tears


I picked this polish up in the Vapid purge and I am so glad that I did. I knew the moment I took it out of the box that I would include it in my spring picks. This polish just screams SPRING! It is a unique coral pink colour with a subtle linear holographic and is absolutely gorgeous on the nails. I fell hard for this polish when I finally got to wear it. This polish had a beautiful, buttery formula and took two coats to be fully opaque. I hope I can participate in the next Vapid purge, because I got some amazing polishes for an amazing price.


What polishes are you planning on wearing this spring?

Thank you for reading.



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